• Hearing Amplifier Digital 6 Channels Noise Reduction Digital Chip Feedback Cancellation Hearing Enhancement

  • Something You need to Know:
    1.PSAP are New Devices, Normally We Need 2-3 Weeks to Get Used To PSAP. Just Like Wearing Glasses With Different Focal Lengths, You Need to Adapt Gradually.
    It May be Difficult at First, And the Brain has to learn How to Re-understand These Sounds, Especially in Complex Languages.
    If You can't understand others Immediately and can't Hear Some Light Conversations at once, Don't worry, Pay Attention to The Visual Cues When Talking with Others.

    2.Why Do PSAP Squeal?
    ---Not in Properly: Put Your PSAP tip in your ear ! More often than not, when I see feedback issues it is because Users are not placing the tip of the PSAP deep enough in their canal. Sometimes, Users aren't getting their moulds into their ear properly when they are wearing, I have even seen Users put theirs In The Ear upside down or in th...read more
  • Manufacturer: Hrist
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