• XLSEAFOOD Sun Dried Wild Caught Mexico Sea Cucumber AAAA Grade Sample Pack 美国旭龙行 野生淡干海参 墨西哥双排刺参肥仔参 一级品 试吃装 (SAMPLE)

  • 旭龙行对产品品质非常自信,因此我们敢提供样品给客人尝试和对比。若您对我们或产品不了解,欢迎您选购试吃装先尝试,再决定,以便您获得安心快乐的消费体验。墨西哥双排刺参试吃装含有2只一级品样品(1只中号,1只小号)。中号规格为20-30只/磅,小号规格为31-50只/磅。长度大约为2-3英寸左右,充分泡发后长度可增加1-2倍,重量可增加6倍以上。We are so confident that we encourage all our new customers to try the sample first before buy more! The sample pack contain 2 pcs of the sea cucumber (1 pc size small and 1 pcs of medium size) Average length of this kind of sea cucumber is about 2-3 Inch. Weight will increase 600% after soak process.
  • Manufacturer: xlseafood
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