• Mobius Most-Realistic Looking Dinosaur Toys Set - Set of 12 Jumbo 7” Plastic Dinosaur Figures for Kids - Dinosaur Gifts for Boys and Girls with Gift Box and a Large Storage Bag Bonus

  • MOBIUS Realistic Looking Dinosaur Toys Set is an entry into the dinosaur kingdom for your children. They will roar, stomp and imagine wonderful interactions between their Dino T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Monoclonius. They will experience the exciting dinosaur world as they see it in their imagination.

    MOBIUS Jumbo Dinosaur Set Benefits:

    1. Playing at home, outdoors, or in water and sand
    2. Home-school
    3. Science Projects
    4. Storage bag makes it perfect for traveling
    5. Dinosaur Cake Party Decorations Supplies
    6. And Party Favors!

    What Makes MOBIUS Dinosaur Set Better Than Other Kids Dinosaur Toys?
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