• Dye Free Plain White Paper Drinking Straws Biodegradable, Individually Wrapped, 400 Bulk Pack, 7.75"x0.24" (197mmx6mm), for Restaruant, Bar, Cafe, Catering

  • Frequently Asked Questions About CHUN'S PAPER DRINKING STRAWS

    • Where are they manufactured?

    Manufactured in China. The manufacturer is BSCI audited, using 100% FSC certified and FDA approved material, supplying paper straws for many famous American and European Brands. 

    • Are they marine life friendly?

    Chun's paper straws are as safe for all animals as they are for you and me. A study showing that they will break down in 6 months in a marine environment.

    • Do they have bees wax in them?

    Our paper straws are not created with beeswax.

    • Do they have any known allergens?

    No, our straws have not been found to have any known allergens. They are used in various hospitals because of this. 

    • Are your straws made for hot beverages?

    Paper straws are made for ...read more

  • Manufacturer: CHUN'S
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