• 4 in 1 Board 5V UPS for Raspberry pi 18650 Battery Charging 3.7V Step up to DC 5V 9V 12V with Protection (5V Output)

  • Note:
    1 if the loadless than 2 Watt, you can input 5V 1A;if the load more than 2 Watt,less than Watt, please use 5V 2A for input.
    2 if you want a add switch , please add it on SW pin, it can control the output, otherwise, please short SW pin.
    3 the Load current should less than 1A (500ma)(400ma), if you want to control greater load, please use two or more board in parallel.
    4. the board with short circuit and other protection, if make a mistake and short it, please input 5v to Reactivate it
    5 the board has Mos components,which easy destroyed by static electricity,so Please take anti-static measures to operate.
    1 you can use it as a power bank.
    2 you can use it as a charger for lithium battery.
    3 as 5V UPS for raspberry pi or other MCU
  • Manufacturer: Delinx
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