• GM CLIMBING 8mm (5/16") Purcell Prusik Loop Pre-Sewn for Personal Anchor System General Tether 48 inches

  • 48in 8mm Purcell Prusik Loop from GM CLIMBING, by tying a prusik knot on itself, becomes an adjustable safe tether to be widely used for Search and Rescue, ascend/descent climbing, arborist footlock, friction hitch, and other connecting / rigging tasks. CE and UIAA certified 8mm (5/16in) accessory cord is selected to make purcell prusik loop: 19kN breaking strength, double braid rope construction, high abrasion and moisture resistant, supple in handling, flexible and easy to tie knots. Adjustable! By simply tying a prusik knot on the cord itself, you'll get an adjustable and function tether. Lengths of end loops (on both sides of sewn part) are also adjustable to suit specific uses. When try to attach to a rope, instead of a carabiner, we just tie a prusik knots with end loop (another end of sewn part) on the rope and get a hitch connecting. Versatile and Safer! We found tethers wo...read more
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