• Alderman Men Belt-Leather Ratchet Belt for Men with Slide Buckle 1 3/8" Trim to Fit

  • "1 Size Bigger"
    Normally, while you select the belt, always take 1 size (approx 2") bigger than your waist size to allow adjustability, or if you are not sure, order even a longer one and later on you can easily trim it to your desired size. Otherwise, in case it is too short, it may not fit you and never can be adjusted.

    Size Mark.
    The Size Mark on strap ismeasuredfrom the middle of Adjustment Slide Positions to the marked line.

    Solid Mechanism

    Our amazing state of the art features offer you an effortless and efficient experience every time!! The tip of the belt inserts into the ratchet belt buckle, where a locking mechanism holds the belt in place on our unique tracking system and auto locks it from the back. To remove the belt, simply press the small metal lever on the bottom of the buckle, and get a smooth inaudible release in only ...read more
  • Manufacturer: Van Alderman
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