• Premium Quality Crystal Set for Abundance & Prosperity - Natural Citrine Point, Malachite, Pyrite, Aventurine, Blue Calcite, Tree Agate, Tiger's Eye, Palo Santo, Selenite Stick + Info Guide & Gift Box

  • Abundance and prosperity mean something different to everyone. For some it's material possessions or wealth, for others it's happiness, love, connection, wisdom, or a sense of inner peace.

    Your set includes:

    Citrine Point (Rough) - Attracts wealth, abundance, success, and positive energy.
    Citrine Cluster (Rough) - Cleanses, absorbs negative energy, carries the power of the sun.
    Malachite (Tumbled) - Stone of transformation, supports powerful manifestation.
    Pyrite (Rough) - Helps uncover and overcome the obstacles blocking the fulfillment of your greatest desires.
    Clear Quartz (Rough) - Amplifies and purifies positive energy and intention.
    Green Aventurine (Tumbled) - Brings prosperity and good luck.
    Tree Agate (Tumbled) - Stone of plentitude, strongly connected to nature and abundance as a birthright.
    Blue Calcite (Rough) - Dissolves negative ene...read more
  • Manufacturer: Crystalya
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