• Qian Christmas Day Backdrops Photo Backgrounds 7x5ft Xmas Party

  • Applications:
    It is perfect for any professional or private photography.
    It can be used at many situations, such as getting together occasion, weddings,work,graduation,activities,any big events or decorations etc.

    1. Model:Qian-christmas124
    2. Size:210cm X 150cm 7 X 5FT.
    3. Brand new and high quality;
    4. One Piece backdrop;
    5. Material: Vinyl.
    6. Computer-printed;
    7. Light and durable;
    8. Easy to hang up straightly or naturally.
    9. Packing:Folding.

    Each package has only one item, if you are buying more items at one time, we will put them all in one package, but please kindly let us know if you need seperate pakages.

    If the product shows creases because of folding or else, do not worry , there are ways to solve.
    1. Roll it up tightly with a cylinder for 3-4 days, it will be o...read more
  • Manufacturer: Qian
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