• Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture - Percy Wood Platform with Chewing Toys for Mouse, Chinchilla, Rat, Gerbil and Dwarf Hamster

  • What's the housing requirement for small animals
    The cage needs to have a spot for your pet to sleep, a place for his food, water and treat dishes, and some space to play and run around. If your pet is out of its cage during the day to play and exercise, the cage can be smaller to accommodate just a sleeping place, food and water.

    Why we need a sleeping hut
    A nestbox or sleeping hut is often appreciated although not always absolutely necessary. Many small animals are nocturnal. That means they like to sleep during the day and run around at night. A hut can help your pet feel more comfortable during the sunlight hours while it is sleeping.

    What kind of decors should I get
    Scampering around is a favorite activity for most small animals, especially hamsters and mice. An exercise wheel or a variation of the wheel, a spinning disc, is a great choi...read more
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