• PGA TOUR Men's Short Sleeve Airflux Jacquard Polo

  • A man can never have too many polos. This PGA TOUR men's golf apparel dri-flux golf performance ventilated jacquard polo shirt is long where you need it to be, comfortable where you need it to be and jam packed with performance features that'll make all your other polo shirts look dull. Superior ventilation and moisture wicking features will keep you dry and protected on the course. Part of our air flux collection: these men's golf shirts, pants and shorts feature our most breathable fabrics constructed to allow for maximum ventilation within our PGA TOUR apparel line. Where/how to wear: on the course, on the court or even when you're having a midday lunch with the boys. Pair this men's polo golf shirt with a PGA TOUR men's short to complete the look. Technical features: air flux - innovative fabric construction for premium ventilation that keeps you ultra comfortable. Dri-flux - moistur...read more
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