• Aero Tech Men's Gel Padded Touring Shorts w Innovative Mesh Pockets

  • The gel padded touring short is designed for the touring cyclist who is always in need of two important things: comfort during long days in the saddle and a little extra storage space. The shorts are padded with a core of cushy, forgiving gel pockets at the sit bones that are surrounded by thick layers of foam padding. Designed for long-lasting comfort, the pad provides support all day while you're in the saddle. The convenient side pockets give you the ability to keep everything that you frequently need right at your fingertips. For example, you can easily pull out your map for quick, on-the-bike references about your next turn, changes in terrain, and upcoming landmarks and convenience store locations. They're also a great place to stash small snacks and nutrition supplements as well as anything that you may need to get to in a hurry. Reflective tabs and logos provide additional visibi...read more
  • Manufacturer: AERO|TECH|DESIGNS
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