• Ironwood Pacific Anchor Ring Anchor Puller with 11" Buoy (up to 30 lb Lift) or 15" Buoy (up to 60 lb Lift)

  • Our easy to use Ironwood Pacific Anchor Ring takes the challenge out of hauling your anchor by hand. It has been specially designed for offshore anchoring, where longer lengths of chain are frequently used and proves stronger than similar welded rings due to the specific engineering of this Anchor Ring. If you are looking for exceptional performance and value – this Anchor Ring is for you!

    Directions For Use

    To use the Anchor Ring, you would begin by slipping the ring over the anchor line and attaching the shackle-buoy assembly. You would then motor your boat forward at around 5 knots to start, keeping the anchor line clear of the prop. Increase your speed slightly when the anchor starts to break free and the anchor line will slide through the ring, raising the anchor, as the buoy floats on the surface.

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