• GM CLIMBING 20kN UIAA Certified Micro Prusik Minding Pulley 1/2"

  • GM CLIMBING Micro Prusik Minding Pulley

    A smart pulley for hauling system
    In a hauling system, a progress capture is always set up to support the load when the haulers stop pulling. Prusik knot is widely used to make this brake to complete process capture. Then a PMP is indispensable because of its side plates.
    The swing side plate's closing style make it compatible with almost all the carabiners, even those whose shape is out of balance. (compared with fix side plate pulley)
    Light and compact, the smart pulley is easy to carry and takes up almost no space in your rack.

    High quality-manufactured pulley who combines both utility and beauty.
    The pulley is qualified for rescue / climbing hauling or boat draggig.
    You could use it to set up interesting tackle and block systems at your home. With red finish of dull polish, ...read more
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