• Active Club Men's PJ Pajama Fleece Lounge Plaid Bottoms Pants Microfleece-12 Colors

  • One Of The Best Feeling In The World Is Tucking Up In Bed On A Cold Winters Night Wearing The Fluffiest, Softest, Fleece PJ Pants To Keep You Warm And Cozy.

    🏅 Some Of The Great Features Of The Active Club Pajama Pant:
    ✔ Super soft fleece for cold days
    ✔ Adjustable waist band for a perfect fit
    ✔ 100% Polyester
    ✔ 2 Side pockets for easy access and convenience
    ✔ Huge range of sizes, colors and designs

    😴 Soft and Warm for a Cozy Night's Sleep!
    We all hate that feeling of walking round our apartments or house shivering in too thin flimsy pajama pants.
    Wear a pair of our polar fleece sleeping pants for winter that are a must have on snowy days, frigid temperatures and long winter weekends.

    👍 Who are these Pants Good for?
    -College Students
    -High School Guys
    -Wife/Girlf...read more
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