• GM CLIMBING 40kN Rescue Figure 8 Descender with Bent-Ear Rappelling Gear Belay Device

  • GM CLIMBING 40kN Rescue 8 with Bent-ear

    More friction systems are created and realized by the extra bent-ear
    Compared to standard 8, this one gets ears with which, the rescue 8 becomes safer and more versatile.
    The ears prevent rope sliding up and locking up, which is always the cause of accidents when rappelling with a standard 8.
    If you would like to stop during rappelling for other operations, you could make 2~4 loops around the ears and lock yourself up.
    Pay attention to that the loops must be under and within the ears.

    Adjust your ascent speed with big slot
    The main slot is big enough for you to double or triple the single rope to increase frictions.
    You will be able to slow or stop the ascent with minimum force.
    The middle extra slot could be used as a belay device.

    The rescue 8 is widely used in SR...read more
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