• EA Aromacare Aromatherapy Essential Oils Gift Set,Therapeutic Grade, 100% Pure (Lavender,Peppermint,Lemongrass,Tea Tree,Eucalyptus,Orange & e-book) Massage Essential Oils, (Black)

  • EA AROMACARE - guarantees 100% pure essential oils to enhance your sensual journey

    Respire in Aroma- Invigorate your body & your senses
    • Helps to remove odours from your home.
    • Emotion or tired with mood.
    • Buying essential oils first time.
    • Seeking a special gift for a friend.
    • Worried about purity & prices EA AROMACARE is the solution.

    EA AROMACARE -Essential Oils Set has all the answers
    • Fill your home with fragrance using creative aromatherapy ideas.
    • Premium quality packaging & high quality oils ensure an IDEAL gift for your loved ones.
    • Get ideas from our E-book.

    • Enhance your mood & wellness with the special therapeutic properties of each EA AROMACARE oils.

    How Authentic we are

    100% Pure Essential Oils Certified by the GMPC & conform to IFRA standards

  • Manufacturer: EA AromaCare
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