• 72mm X1 UV, MRC4, Ultra-Slim, Weather-Sealed, 25 Year Support, Lens Cloth Included!

  • 72mm X1 UV (Ultra Violet) Filter For Camera Lenses - Breakthrough Photography

    The X1 UV features 4-layers of our state-of-the-art and uniformly applied MRC, which means less flaring and ghosting that you'd normally see with uncoated protection filters. The X1 features a 3.5mm ultra-slim double-threaded frame profile to eliminate vignetting on wide-angle full-frame setups.

    Every filter we make, including the X1 UV, is weather-sealed. If you want to ensure that your lens maintains out-of-box optical performance for as long as possible, Canon, Nikon, and Sony recommend protective filters for the purpose of completing a lens weather-seal.

    The X1 UV is our take on the legacy flat black UV filter with a modern spin: MRC4 and a 3.5mm ultra-slim weather-sealed frame.


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