• ICE HD 40mm CPL 40 MC Filter Circular Polarizer Hard Coated EZ Clean 16 Layer Multi-Coated Ideal for Fuji X10 X20 X30

  • ICE brand. Multi-coated CPL. Ultra-low reflective coating minimizes reflection off internal CCD & CMOS sensors. Multicoated (16 coatings) optical glass filter. Under and over hard coating (both sides) Hard protection: Coating guards from scratches. Water & Oil Repellant: Water, oil and fingerprints simply wipe off. Antifouling: Easy clean coating. Black rim: Edge treated with black ink to eliminate reflections. Non-reflective black Almite frame eliminates reflections. Metal, double threaded frame to allow additional filters or hoods. A Circular Polarizer (polariser) creates contrast between blue sky and cloud for dramatic deep blue skies. Cuts glare off reflected surfaces such as water. Rotates for different effects. Includes Plastic Case.
  • Manufacturer: ICE
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