• uxcell Heat Sink + Solid State Relay SSR-25 DA 25A 3.2-32V DC / 24-380V AC

  • Feature:
    1. High reliability, high efficiency and long lifespan
    2. No electric spark, no noise and no contact
    3. Fine electro magnetic interference, high sensitivity and fast switching speed
    4. Low drive voltage and current
    5. Unique shape and novel structure
    6. Especially suitable for corrosion, moisture, dust resistant and other harsh environments
    7. Widely used in many automatic control systemsSpecification:This is solid state relay SSR-25DA.Model: SSR-25DAInput voltage: 3.2-32V DCOutput voltage: 24-380V ACOutput current: 25ABrand: Uxcell

    Matters Needing Attention:

    1. The current on the product is the maximum load current, not the rated current.
    2. On the basis of the different of the load character,you should keep the different allowance on the level of the current when you choose the product.(When the load is r...read more
  • Manufacturer: uxcell
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